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Walter Gretzky.......Incredible Person

by Sherry Montani,
Growing up in Brantford was special. There is so much wonderful history to learn about and Walter has been a great part of that.

Our son wanted to meet him after his hockey game was over many years ago. Walter was so kind and helpful with tips for him to try in his next game to help with his plays.

I didn't make any difference to Walter what level of hockey the kids were playing, whether it was house league or triple A, he was always giving them tips on their games.

He could make anyone smile even when things weren't so great for them.

Also, he never rushed you even when there were long lines of people waiting to meet him.

He never made you feel like the next person was more important than you.

The most memorable moment for me, was when I asked him why Wayne never played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and he broke out into a song about them singing to me. We were at the Mt. Pleasant Windmill Country store on a Saturday morning and the place was packed.

He was so wonderful, he is an inspiration to all people, leaving a legacy of honesty, integrity, self worth, trust and truth.

Walter you will always be here, you never left.

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