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The "Beauty" of Walter

by Alexandra Boyd,

In May 2019, The Glass Slipper Company was approached by the organizers of Hike for Hospice to help them with their annual fundraiser. We were delighted to bring them one of our princesses, debuting the iconic gold ballgown of our Rose Princess at the most appropriate event we could think of. Yellow is the colour often used to signify support for cancer patients, survivors and their families, displayed in ribbons and that year, the t-shirts provided by the event organizers.

Our task was simple. Say hello to as many people as we could, provide them with another source of entertainment and a reason to smile. We met some incredible individuals and teams during that evening, from the smallest of children to teenagers who were excited to take a picture with her, to adults who recognized her gown the instant she arrived.

Walter's presence at such events was always a delight to everyone around him, because he had the uncanny ability to make you feel as if you were the most important person in the entire room. So when our Rose Princess approached him and requested a quick photo, Walter seemed all too delighted to oblige. But it was the comments that he made that truly left an impression with her.

"Wow! You're beautiful! Guys, look over here! Isn't this princess beautiful?"

What a charmer! And to top it off, Walter actually made a point of finding her again a little later for additional pictures, offering more compliments and showing her off to the other people in the crowd. If she hadn't felt like a princess already, she certainly did after that. We will miss his smile and his kindness greatly.

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