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Wonderful friend

by sylvia steele,
We have had the pleasure of knowing the family for approximately 30 some odd years. We have so many memories to treasure that we could go on and on . We were given experiences of which we would have never been able to have. Wally took Butch on pretty well all of Wayne's games all over different cities until Wayne retired. Wayne's last games were ones to be treasured. We also had the pleasure of attending Wayne;s induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame and what a wonderful day that was and we were catered to every step of that day. They are the most giving generous family and expecting nothing in return except your friendship . I still miss Wally's 11 pm phone calls to say he is outside the house for a visit. He was a wonderful friend and he is certainly missed. Rest in peace our dear friend.

Sylvia and Butch Steele

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