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Walter & World Record Hockey Stick Stilts!

by Doug Hunt,
In support of Participation Support Services (Participation House Brantford) I led an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for most people on stilts. A committee was developed in partnership with Tourism Brantford to plan this fund-raising event at Cockshutt Park on Canada Day, Friday July 1st, 2005. One of the challeges was to have 600 stilts manufactured measuring one foot in height. Since this was a fund-raiser our comittee searched for product dontation (wood) to build our stilts. That's where our community champion Water Gretzy steps in!

Walter got word that we needed materials to build these special stilts. He offered to have broken hockey stilts collected from area arena's. With these broken sticks that Walter collected we did manage to build over 600 sets of "one of a kind" record attempt hockey stilts! Walter told me:

"kid, if you are going after a stilt World Record in Brantford it best be on Hockey Sticks!"

What also made these stilts special was Walter autographed each pair! See photo below artical and photo copied from the Expositor. Walter was aways a step above the rest.

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