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Walter helped when no one else would!

by Kethomps,
I was a young mom with a 4 year old and 1 year old twins in my mini van on our way home from Cambridge. Suddenly one of the tires blew out and I had to pull over on Hwy. 24. This was before I owned a cell phone and I couldn't take all of the kids with me to try to find a pay phone. I knew I would have to try to change the tire. I got out of the van and started to get the spare tire, jack etc.. out of the back. No body was stopping to help me. Then I saw a small truck that was travelling in the opposite direction, make a u-turn and pull in behind me. Out jumped Walter! He proceeded to help me change the tire, all the while making small talk and smiling (I am sure to calm me down!) It didn't take long to change the tire and I was so grateful that he stopped when no one else would. He even had his sister with him at the time. Walter is one of a kind, so compassionate and caring. If only the world were filled with more people like Walter!
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