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A Friend When Needed

In the early 90's I was a student at Mohawk College. It was my first time away from home, and I was feeling incredibly homesick. I went to the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre to use a payphone to call my Mom, and when I hung up, I was a crying mess. Now being a huge hockey fan, I knew who Walter was and recognized him when he entered the building; what I didn't expect was for him to come right over to me and ask if I was okay. From there, we talked for a little while about things and hockey, and he even offered me a ride back to my Grandmother's house where I was staying. This was after Phyllis had passed away, and I remember seeing her name on the car's passenger door. I felt honoured to be allowed to sit in her seat and his car. Walter was a wonderful man and is dearly missed not only in Brantford but all around the world.
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